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I'm a Backend-End developer, Front-End developer, Computer Engineer, Code Lover

About Me


Hi, I am Matteo, I have been passionate about technology and software since I was a child, I am now a computer engineer and for some years now I have been working as a backend and full stack developer.
I have worked in consultancy and product companies where I designed and implemented software used all around the world. I have experience working with a variety of programming languages and tools. I like to solve complex problem using technology providing the best user experience to customers.
Ah if you're wondering, Nibbol is my nickname and it's the Italianized version of "Nibble" that means "half byte" :)

Server-side programming

(Python, NodeJS, PHP, FastAPI, NestJS, CakePHP)


(MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL)


(Linux, Nginx, Docker, AWS)

Frontend development

(Angular, Ionic)


2022 - Present

Backend Engineer at Deliverect

Deliverect integrates online orders from food delivery channels, such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eat, allowing restaurants to improve operations, increase customer satisfaction, and boost profits. I was responsible for the development of a global, multi provider, payment system able to process thousands of payments per day. I also took care of the design and development of a first party Online Ordering solution used by more than 3000 customers. The product is available in 42 markets worldwide and the company have several offices around the world, giving me the opportunity to work in an international and multi-cultural environment (60+ nationalities).

2017 - 2022

Full Stack Developer at AzzurroDigitale

Full Stack developer in AzzurroDigitale in Padua. AzzurroDigitale is focused in Industry 4.0 and I've been envolved in international projects with big manufacturing companies. I had the opportunity to experiment with different technologies in server and API development but also in IOT and DevOps. I have experience in frontend development using Angular for web application and Ionic for smartphone hybrid app.

2015 - 2015

Highschool Internship

Internship at Eureka Informatica (Riese Pio X, TV).
I worked as a computer technician and supported an engineer in the development of management software.

2014 - Present

Freelance Developer

I developed a lot of personal projects for me, my friends and for the Tennis Club I belong to.

2019 - 2021

Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering

Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering at University of Padua. I studied advanced algorithms, machine learning, operative research, information retrieval, big data and parallel computing.

2016 - 2019

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering at University of Padua. I studied fundamentals of information technology and electronics, algorithms, basics of operative systems, networking and embedded programming.

2011 - 2016

Diploma in Computer Science

I got my highschool diploma in computer science in ITT E. Barsanti in Castelfranco (TV).

Recent works

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Gestione Campi


Gestione Campi

Gestione Campi is the first software of a suite created to facilitate the management of a Tennis Club.

This web application allows players to book and cancel tennis hours independently by checking availability in real time.
With a few clicks operators can check the status of the courts and print the payment receipts whose price is automatically calculated based on the type of hour booked and user's type.
In addition, management has a large amount of dashboards available to obtain statistics and to have important information on the progress of the club.


Gestione Iscritti


Gestione Iscritti

Gestione Iscritti allows you to easily manage the participants in a sports association, you can quickly enter and view personal data, the type of registration, the status of the medical certificate and other information.

The synchronization with Gestione Campi allows to exchange data between the two platforms and keeps the information always up to date.


Nibbol IOT


Nibbol IOT

Super intuitive PWA (Progressive Web App) that allows you to remotely control the heating and lights of a sports field.

An electronic card based on raspberry pi is connected to the electrical system and with a short configuration it is paired to the app.

You can connect to Gestione Campi and automate the switching on and off based on bookings, in this way there is no need for a manager to be always present and you can save energy by using the system only when needed.


Digital Cockpit


Digital Cockpit

Each eyeglass mounting station is now equipped with a display through which operators report the number of pieces worked, any defects found and the tasks performed: they need just a few taps on the screen.

The data is collected and analyzed by a software platform, Digital Cockpit, which provides real-time statistics on the efficiency of the production plant (OEE), on productivity, on the performance of the machinery and on the causes of the defects found.
Thanks to the Digital Cockpit, monitoring of the machines is possible 24 hours a day, using remote devices, and it is possible to act quickly in case of anomalies.





Metis is a solution that allows the user to have visibility on the performance of the molds at the suppliers. Metis make smart the industrial molds with a self-installing solution that is easy to use. We monitor in real time the main KPIs of the mold to provide all the information necessary to the owner of the mold in order to understand the performance of use and the compliance with the contracts signed.





The Time Report project was born from the need to monitor and quantify the work times and costs of each job, considering the hours spent by each resource in each project, the days of vacation and illness, the material costs and the travel costs.

In this way, managers have a more detailed view on the progress of the work and if there are any delays or cost not foreseen in the budget.
In addition, the administration has tools available to do an analysis and have statistics on working times, in order to be able to notice problems or critical issues that have arisen during the course of the work and therefore try to solve them in the most appropriate way.



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